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I realise that I am long overdue in adding the last part of my liver transplant out-patient assessment to this blog – but, to be honest, being told that I do not need to go through one at the moment has completely changed my mindset. Right now PSC and all it entails is not at the forefront of my brain and writing up that last day will drag it all back up. I will post it at some point, but I hope you understand why I haven’t done it yet.

But on to this post – Back to work! I have just got in from my first half-day back at work. Real work – work I get paid for – work with other people around. You have no idea what this means to me. Having been ill for a long time and being off work for 6 months has been a big challenge for me.

I am a ‘people person’, I need people around me to talk to, to laugh with, to make me feel comfortable. To not have this has – to put it in a nice way – sent me slightly strange.

I don’t like mixing work with this blog too much, so this is really all you are going to get. But I just needed to post something to say how happy I am to be back to work, even if it is on reduced hours.

My working habits for the next 3 months, if all goes well will be as follows:

  • 4 weeks of working two half-days per week
  • 4 weeks of working two full days per week
  • 4 weeks of working four full days per week

Fingers crossed I will be able to ramp up my work responsibilities and time commitments as needed without going yellow again. We shall see.

Stay tuned.


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